Xixi Wetland Tourism New Idea

- Jun 08, 2020-

In the last news, we mentioned that Lohas Industrial Co Ltd stuff visit wetland. To the center of the wetland, it is actually like an island.

On this island, a tour guide introduces the characteristics of this attraction, with the water as the background, the grass and trees as the main tone, and the human landscape, which is very comfortable.

We found a flat piece of green grass, we opened the waterproof bag we took with us, took out the picnic bag, and took out the automatic speed-opening tent, because almost everyone brought an outdoor product, everyone showed these products, some people Opened the camping tent, paved the picnic mat, someone used a mobile phone to photograph the details of the waterproof beach tent, the picnic backpack's dinner plate, someone could not wait to sit on the grass mat to rest, because our outdoor products are very conspicuous, attracting countless Fridays The eyes of tourists.

Some tourists came over to chat with us and asked us where we bought outdoor tents, outdoor picnic mats, and two-person picnic bags. After learning that we produced them ourselves, we all expressed that we would order these outdoor supplies from us.

This gives us a new sales idea. Since we can produce outdoor camping supplies that everyone loves, we can also sell them to domestic enthusiasts.

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