Where Masks Are Not Required To Ware?

- Apr 08, 2020-

Learned from the Provincial People's Government Network, to provide scientific and accurate guidance to the public to protect themselves, and restore order to normal production and life in a comprehensive and orderly manner. The spirit, combined with the actual situation of the province, specially formulated Zhejiang Province social public scientific guidelines for wearing face masks.

The four types of situations where masks are not required are: outdoor places such as parks, greenways, scenic spots, and streets, outdoor work such as field exploration, aerial work, construction sites, and agricultural work, and no people gather.

Individuals alone, driving alone, walking outdoors alone, outdoor sports alone or non-group indoor sports.

At home and family members without abnormal symptoms such as fever and cough, the health code in Hangzhou is green or yellow.

Work in a well-ventilated and disinfected place or hold a small-scale meeting, all personnel have normal body temperature detection, no abnormal symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, the separation distance is not less than 1 meter, and the area occupied by each person is not less than 1 square meter (Except for special industries and positions that must wear disposable masks as required). For large-scale meetings and trainings, the temperature of all personnel is normal, and the health codes in Hangzhou  are all green. The distance between participants is not less than 1 meter, and the area occupied by each person is not less than 1 square meter.

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