What Types Of Tents Are Common?

- May 06, 2019-

Is a great variety of tents on the market, in terms of its classification, habit of circles of people will be divided into two categories, category as the "mountain", mainly is suitable for the relatively poor weather conditions and design, performance pay attention to the wind, rain, high strength, on select material is fastidious, on the production process is more complex, belongs to high-grade tents, suitable for mountaineering, explore more complex climate environment. The other is what we commonly called "tourism type", designed for general outing, camping, in the selection of materials more attention to the economy, the production process is relatively simple, belongs to the low-grade tents, can be used for general environment camping.

Tents are designed for different purposes and divided into different styles. In terms of the appearance of tents, common tents can be divided into five styles.

A, triangle tent, before and after the use of herringbone iron tube for support, the middle frame A crossbar connection, prop up the inside account, install outside account can, this is the most common early tent design.

B. Garden top tent, also known as yurt, with double pole cross support, easy to disassemble and assemble, is the most popular style in the market at present.

C, hexagonal tent, use three or four pole cross support, some use six pole design, pay attention to the stability of the tent, is a common style of "alpine" tent.

D, boat bottom form tent, the boat that resembles a bucking to come over after prop up, can be divided into 2 pole, 3 pole different support means again, bedroom is commonly in the middle, two ends are hall shed, paid attention to windproof streamline on the design, also be one of common tent design.

E, roof ridge tent, its shape is like a small independent tile-roofed house, usually four corners and four pillars, shelf a structural ridge roof, this kind of tent is generally tall, relatively bulky, suitable for driving or relatively fixed field operation camping use, so it is known as the car tent.

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