What Should I Prepare For A Picnic?

- Dec 09, 2020-

What should I prepare for a picnic?

First of all, it must be a picnic. For a picnic outside, you can prepare some cooked food, home-made meals, or bread, milk, beer and other beverages.

Then, it is best to prepare a picnic basket, picnic bag, if it is a picnic ice bag, it would be perfect. This kind of ice pack can not only keep food warm, but also keep food fresh.

Finally, we also need to prepare a foldable picnic rug.

Outdoor leisure, sitting on the ground is not convenient, too troublesome to spread newspapers and plastic sheets, and picnic rugs are prepared for this.

When choosing a picnic mat, you can choose fleece fabric. The polar fleece fabric is not easy to shed hair, the inner composite sponge makes the texture softer and more comfortable, and the back PVC waterproof and dirt-resistant; beach grass and mountains, enjoy the comfort anytime and anywhere。

 European and American popular integrated folding design, easy and portable; intimate zipper pouch (SBS zipper) Designed to facilitate the placement of small items such as keys and coins, the picnic rug allows you to enjoy the gifts of nature refreshingly and cleanly. .

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