What Is The Function Of Shower Tent?

- Apr 24, 2020-

Yesterday, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. (LOHAO Outdoor Products Co., Ltd.) received a new order for a shower tent.

This camping shower tent is waterproof. The outer material is made of waterproof material nylon. The inner material is PU, which can resist ultraviolet rays.

Guests asked that this waterproof shower tent should be printed with their own LOGO, anti-UV SHOWER TENT, and then need to configure the corresponding toilet tent instruction manual.

This rain tent is also used for fishing, so it can also be called a fishing tent. Then it can be used with a folding fishing chair. very perfect.

Do you want to ship out immediately after the shower tent is ready? The delivery date is May 15. We are working hard to prepare for the production.

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