What Is The Function Of Inflatable Air Mattress?

- May 11, 2020-

Inflatable air mattress can also be used with tents. In physical education classes or sports competitions, in many cases, because there is not enough space, the facilities used for sit-ups or high jump competitions need to be temporarily arranged. Thick cushions are the most headaches. 

If an air bed is used The cushion is not only convenient for transportation, but also saves time, manpower and storage space for the layout, and can be used only after being charged to the specified air pressure. It is often the case that when the high jump is due to the limited size of the mat, the athlete falls on the outside of the mat and is injured at the edge. The air mattress can completely solve this problem, and it can be large enough according to the actual required size.

When you go to the beach for a leisure vacation, you can take our air mattresses and enjoy the beach sunbathing. Even if the air mattress is full, the single air mattress is less than 3kg, and the double air mattress is up to 5kg. An adult can easily move to the desired place. local.

The single popular mattress or inflatable cushion can be folded and packed in a travel bag after exhausting the gas. It is convenient to carry. The small inflatable cushion is more convenient to carry around because of its small size and light weight. It can be used to sit and rest at any time. The air mattress is inflated after resting at night and placed in the tent. As a mattress, it is moisture-proof and comfortable, and can be used with various tents. The reconnaissance airbed matched with the military tent is the best application example.

For those who work outside and often move, air mattresses not only reduce their burden, but also save some space in the bedroom.

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