What Is Picnic Mat?

- Feb 21, 2020-

Spring is coming soon. In winter, I do n’t often stay in air-conditioned rooms, or I do n’t want to move while holding a hot water bottle. People are so bored in the winter that everyone looks forward to going out and doing some activities. Choose a beautiful day and enjoy the spring flowers in the park or outskirts. Just thinking about it makes people a little excited.

Of course, just playing is not enough, but also preparing food, sitting on the grass for a picnic, and eating and drinking with friends and relatives, this is the best spring outing. Now, first of all, we need to choose a good picnic mat.

Picnic mats are also called multifunctional mats and picnic carpets. They are mainly used for outdoor picnics, tent mats, moisture and sand prevention, fitness, etc. Some families also place picnic mats in children's rooms to protect children from falling when they play.

Picnic mats originated in Europe and the United States, using an integrated folding design, the spread area is large when used, and folded when not needed. It can be received in boxes or bags for easy collection and carrying, which provides a lot of convenience for home life and travel.

The excellent picnic mat is very comprehensive, with the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, and sand-proof, and can be used in various environments such as lawns, beaches, etc .; it must have good abrasion resistance and not be easily scratched by stones; Wash characteristics. With these capabilities, it is an excellent product with comprehensive functions and suitable for face light.


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