What Is MOQ Of Waterproof Bag ?

- Mar 04, 2020-

This morning, an American customer sent an inquiry. The inquiry was about a kind of waterproof bag, which is the type of waterproof travel bag.

Currently, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has produced and sold this waterproof bag in sizes of 30L, 60L, 120L. The colors are black, blue, red and orange.

Because just a year ago, a batch of 20-foot cabinets, 15,000 such waterproof bags, three sizes and four colors, each had nearly 100 stocks.

Therefore, I will send pictures of those waterproof bags to this customer for reference.

He immediately replied that the number of each color and size was about 300. This quanitity is no problem. He needs to look at the samples first.

It is definitely necessary to see the samples. The products produced by our company will send samples to the customers for their reference and confirmation before placing orders.

So, soon we prepared samples of waterproof travel bags, just contacted DHL and asked them to pick up the parts. It is estimated that these three waterproof bags will be sent in the afternoon.

I hope guests can be satisfied with the waterproof travel bag I sent, and we welcome other outdoor enthusiasts to order at any time. Thank you


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