What Is Jerry Can?

- Jan 02, 2020-

When you go out to picnic, you always need a lot of water. So how to take a lot of drinking water outdoors?

The drinking water tank produced by Hohas Industrial Co., Ltd. can help you easily bring water to the place you want.

So what does this car drinking water tank look like? Below is the specification of this drinking water bucket,Jerry Cans.

Jerry Cans: Capacity-20 Liters Foldable

Should have a sturdy handle-for easy handling by hand. should

Cover it with soy milk. The lid should have a lid and should

Be waterproof when covered. There should be a tap so that water can be used

Drain through the faucet. Should be able to stand stably or

Place the lid horizontally on the top and press the tap lightly on the bottom.

It should be thick and strong for rough / field handling.

Materials used should be BPA-free


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