What Is Hammock?

- May 22, 2020-

The hammock is a light and easy-to-carry bedding for outdoor activities. Usually, the material for making the outdoor hammock is tied to a tree. According to the manufactured materials, it is divided into cloth hammocks and rope net hammocks. Cloth hammocks are usually sewn from thin canvas or nylon cloth, and rope mesh hammocks are usually woven from cotton rope or nylon rope. Rope net hammocks are especially suitable for tropical jungles and hot summers, while cloth hammocks are more widely used. They are not suitable for use in other cold seasons and winters, and can be used in other seasons.

The tree tied to the hammock must be thicker. It is better not to deform the trunk after adding the weight of the human body. This is mainly from the perspective of caring for the tree.

Place of Origin: Pitt Sun Town, Taihe County, Fuyang City, Anhui Province. The residents of this town mainly process ropes, and local farmers also depend on rope processing for their livelihood. The nylon hammock is also one of the finished products, mainly small-scale production, hand-woven, even local children know the skill of weaving.

Processing method: sturdy rope of moderate thickness, use a shuttle to wrap the rope evenly on the shuttle. Then use a relatively strong rope as the outline rope (the outline rope is the one that is later tied to the tree), which is made of dead knot. If you want to make a colored hammock, you can wind two colors of rope on two shuttles and weave them alternately. The method is similar to the single-color weave.

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