What Is Hammock?

- Mar 11, 2020-

Hammocks are lightweight and easy-to-carry bedding for field activities, and the materials used to make hammocks are usually tied to trees. According to the materials manufactured, it is divided into cloth hammocks and rope net hammocks.

Cloth hammocks are usually made of thin canvas or nylon cloth, and rope net hammocks are usually made of cotton rope or nylon rope.

Rope net hammocks are particularly suitable in tropical jungles and hot summers, while cloth hammocks are more widely used. They are not suitable for use in other seasons except in cold areas and winter. The hammock is mainly used as a sleeping tool for people during travel or leisure.

The tree to which the hammock is attached must be thicker. It is better that the trunk does not deform after adding the weight of the human body. This is mainly from the perspective of loving the trees.

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