What Is First Aid Kit?

- Mar 31, 2020-

A first aid kit is a small bag containing first-aid medicines and sterile gauze, bandages, etc. It is a rescue item for emergency use in the event of an accident. According to different environments and different use objects, it can be divided into different categories. According to different use objects, it can be divided into home first aid kit, outdoor first aid kit, car first aid kit, gift first aid kit, earthquake first aid kit, etc.

Disaster prevention package

Disaster prevention first-aid kit, suitable for use in harsh environments during sudden disasters, with reasonable internal functional divisions and more convenient access to items; comprehensive and scientific configuration, exclusive provision of disaster prevention emergency self-rescue supplies suitable for accidents such as earthquakes and fires, To meet the comprehensive needs from daily health care to disaster self-rescue, from outdoor travel to field work protection, generally equipped with water and food.

  Configuration information

Red Cube Lifesaving Manual: It mainly teaches you how to escape, and is written according to the respective national conditions and regional conditions.

Personnel information card: In fact, it is just a general note paper, with personal information written on it, and a "contact person" in an emergency.

Professional DVD textbook: It teaches you how to escape. It is more visual and you can usually watch it.

 Help category

Lifesaving whistle: Whistle when you need rescue, remind yourself of your position and save your strength.

Emergency flashlight: manual power generation lighting for lighting.

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