What Are The Characteristics Of Air Cushion And Sleeping Bag When Sleeping In Camping?

- Sep 15, 2019-

The purpose of moistureproof mat is to keep warm and comfortable when sleeping, so it must be put under the sleeping bag in tent. Put it outside the tent and wet it in dew at night. Sleeping bag is the bag used in sleeping. It has a small range of activities and is not easy to get in and out.

1. Sleeping bag is the bag for sleeping. At present, most of the sleeping bags on the market are marked with comfort temperature and limit temperature. Comfort temperature is a series of temperature that users sleep all night, with the highest and lowest limit. The highest comfortable temperature is the kind of heat that feels hot in the sleeping bag but not sweats. Generally, it is defined as the opening of the zipper of the sleeping bag, the putting of the arm outside, the non-tightening of the head of the sleeping bag, etc.

2. If the place is very hot, the sleeping bag can be saved, but the damp-proof cushion should not be saved, because even if the place where people lie down at night is drier, there will be moisture under them. Moreover, if it is on the grassland, the moisture will be very heavy. If it is very bad for the body, the damp-proof cushion is the damp-proof cushion, with self-inflatable cushion, or aluminum film. Egg trough, depending on how you choose, self-inflated volume is small, but heavier, the aluminum film of the egg trough is light, but the volume is large, in general, self-inflated sleeping comfort is higher.

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