Waterproof Oxford Camping Products

- Oct 14, 2019-

Oxford cloth is a variety of functions, a wide range of USES of new fabrics, the current market is mainly: case, full shell, nylon, tige and other varieties. Oxford cloth, also known as Oxford spinning, is a mixture of polyester, polyester and cotton yarn, woven with weft or square. Easy to clean, dry, soft feel, good moisture absorption, comfortable to wear.

Therefore, many beach MATS, picnic MATS, camping blankets, outdoor buckets, fishing kettles and so on will use this kind of Oxford cloth.

The warp thread of the fabric is 200D nylon air warp wire, and the weft thread is 160D nylon air warp wire. Tabby structure, this product is made of water mist. After dyeing and finishing, the grey cloth has the advantages of soft feel, strong drape, novel style and good waterproof performance. Because of its good quality, novel design, bright colors, deeply loved by users. Its cloth cover width is 150cm, according to market understanding, the fabric does not fade, not deformation and other advantages. The listed colors are navy blue, light black, tiger yellow, dark green and other different types, and according to customer demand batch selection of a variety of different colors of dyes.

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