Waterproof First Aid Kits

- Apr 23, 2020-

In the past two days, students in Chinese elementary and middle schools have gone to school one after another. So how to do a good job of protecting students during the new type of coronary pneumonia is particularly important.

All sectors of the society are very concerned about this issue. Some of them send disposable masks to schools, KN95 masks, protective masks, disinfectants, and disinfectant tissues.

This time, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. sent two school waterproof first aid kits, a total of 10,000. The dimensions of these donated waterproof first aid kits are customized to the size of the students.

Masks, disinfectants, protective masks and other epidemic prevention materials can be placed in the waterproof first aid kit.

You can also use it as a temporary schoolbag for students, and put books on it.

The school particularly appreciates the help of our company.

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