Waterproof First Aid Kit

- Jul 16, 2020-

Waterproof first aid kit

Recently, another American company gave us 50,000 waterproof first aid kits.

We are required to provide various certificates of waterproof first aid kit.

First of all, for the waterproof first aid kit, we have a material certificate, GS certificate.

Secondly, this style of waterproof first-aid kit, we have cooperated with the Chinese government. When the pneumonia in the new hall is serious, the specially-made first-aid kit, 10L, red PVC clip mesh material, with a shoulder strap, can be folded for easy storage.

Again, we have been making this waterproof bag for more than 10 years and are very professional.

After testing the samples for the guests, they were very satisfied after testing. Therefore, when ordering, it is necessary to step up to order first aid bags.

Although it has been urgent, the time required by the guests is 20 days. In fact, we can also produce 50,000 pieces of 20 days. But we are very busy now. Our factory not only produces this waterproof first aid kit, but also produces other outdoor products. For example, the orders currently in production are foldable rainwater collectors, shower tents, portable pressure bags and so on.

Therefore, the delivery time is a little tight, but we said that it would be completed as soon as possible and delivered on time.

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