Waterproof Bags Brand

- Aug 15, 2020-

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has cooperated with some domestic brands for many years.

We can do OEM and so on, and customize some products they want according to the requirements of customers.

For example, Naturehike, this trading company has been ordering foldable waterproof bags, travel bags, hiking bags, portable pressure bags, and shower rooms.

Every time they come to order, they are required to put their own logo, naturehike.

Moreover, when customizing a foldable waterproof bag, some packaging, such as the shoulder strap of the waterproof bag, or the barrel of the bucket, or the outer box packaging of the outdoor foot pedal water bag, must have a special mark.

They order a small quantity of goods each time, but they place orders frequently. For such a trader, we only need to stock up on time, prepare some materials for these products in advance, and immediately start to arrange production according to the process when the order is received.

Welcome domestic and foreign brands to join our company, we will produce your satisfactory products for you.

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