Waterproof Bag Sample From Lohas Outdoors

- Dec 12, 2019-

One of the guests, S, was very impressed and has been in contact with her for several years. Her company is engaged in outdoor camping supplies, and she wants to customize ultra-thin and ultra-light nylon waterproof bags from lohas industrial co., LTD.

Since she started the waterproof bag design draft project again, it took about half a year to revise the design draft continuously and make samples continuously. A few days ago, we started to make samples again and asked me to find all the accessories. The sixth time of proofing, I contacted my colleagues in the proofing department of our factory again with some guilty conscience.

Every time, I have to translate S's waterproof bag design draft into Chinese, and then send the draft to the proofing department. Every time, S always thinks it is wrong. Several times I wanted to give up, and then put myself in others' shoes, I always felt that I should plan more for the guests and have more patience.

Later, S placed an order for waterproof bags. There is no problem with the production process. That's a start. I hope there will be other new outdoor products to cooperate with later.

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