Waterproof Bag Fabric Factory

- Sep 27, 2020-

Because of the epidemic, the world is in a state of high tension. Many new enterprises' foreign trade exports have been affected.

In China, many factories similar to Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. which made foldable buckets, bags for watering trees, waterproof bags, picnic mats, and waterproof camping tents have closed down.

Some outdoor products factories that have not closed down are also struggling. It is very difficult because of financial problems and worker problems.

A while ago, a fabric factory we cooperated with encountered a shortage of funds. It is a manufacturer of PVC mesh fabrics. Of course, this manufacturer is a spare four manufacturers. This PVC mesh cloth is most commonly made into buckets, waterproof bags, foldable travel bags, storage boxes, and fishing buckets.

Fortunately, they are still holding on, waiting for the epidemic to pass, hoping that everything will start again.

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