Waterproof Bag Customer Nick

- Nov 26, 2019-

Tell you about some impressive guests. The first thing I want to say is the British customer Nick, whose product is waterproof bag. This client was found on alibaba! Strangely enough, we asked for the quotation of waterproof bag, the picture of waterproof bag, and the parameters of waterproof bag. Finally, we sent the sample of waterproof bag, but it seemed that he didn't reply. After several months, another day, NICK sent an email to say that the next order of waterproof bag is about 2000. Then we sent him the contract for the waterproof bag, and the next day we received the contract with his seal and signature, so that we could get the contract directly. Very relaxed this waterproof bag went out goods, received money. And then there's a problem.

He set the model of waterproof bag when send the samples when it is not waterproof zipper, he confirmed the sample of the zipper is not waterproof, so do big cargo, the waterproof bag at the top of the zipper must be according to the samples confirmed as not waterproof, but later he was very angry for the waterproof bag zipper problem, call me NICK was angry said to compensation, want to return! It is not the first time to encounter the matter of claim, quietly waiting for him to vent, and then sincere apology, promised that day will give him a solution!

The manager's right is to stick to her word. NICK is getting a lot of crap in the mail, which basically means we're responsible and trustworthy. Surprisingly, he estimated that this product sold well. Although the zipper was not waterproof, it did not hinder his sales, and new orders continued to pour in.

Moreover, in the future orders of waterproof bags, he still did not require the replacement of the waterproof zipper, but the original non-waterproof zipper. But it seems that NICK has been selling the bag so well that he's been making lots of orders for it every year for years.

Behind one after another out of two years of goods, every month there are one or two cabinets out. I came to our company four times during the journey. Every time I came here, I had a new product to develop and a new design draft to discuss with our designers. It is also a customer who grows and progresses together.

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