Waterproof Bag Boating

- Dec 19, 2019-

In the morning, I received the mail from the customer who sent the packing bag last time. Actually, the product he chose is the waterproof bag. The gray waterproof bag has super strong zipper YKK.

The waterproof bag was packaged with a waterproof PU bag. However, when the mass cargo was sent, we found that five of them still need to be sent to him again.

Arrange fedex to pay on delivery, the result they drag very much, do not have a federal account of the company will not send. So I sent an email for the guest to pick it up. The customer said impatiently that it was our problem, so he had to pay the bill and send it to us.

So I contacted the federal agent and sent out the packing bag. By the way, I recommended another waterproof bag, similar to a travel bag, which can be used in a kayak to carry my belongings in case they get wet.

The guest was very satisfied and said that he would test the waterproof bag of this kayak boat again.

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