Waterproof Backpack Delivery Time

- Oct 27, 2020-

This morning, the production department of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. held an urgent meeting on the delivery date of waterproof backpacks.

Because, last Friday, our sales colleagues signed an order for 50,000 pcs waterproof dry backpacks. The fabric of this waterproof bag ocean pack is made of ultra-light TPU material + nylon. The overall appearance of the waterproof bag backpack is simple and elegant, the color is blue and black, and the front of the waterproof bag for beach is equipped with YKK waterproof zipper.

The capacity of this waterproof bag for swimming is 30L. It can hold personal clothing, travel items, business information, etc.

Because this list is exported to Denmark, the customer requested that the waterproof bags for travel be shipped to Denmark by the end of January 2021. Therefore, the delivery time is very tight. Why do you say that?

First of all, we will make a prenatal sample of waterproof bag beach immediately and confirm to the customer. It will take about a week here.

Then, start emergency ordering, the main materials, auxiliary materials, accessories, outer boxes, color cards and other packaging materials of the waterproof bag camping. The fastest and fastest here is 20 workers.

Again, the remaining time is production time. There are many production processes for waterproof bag hiking, which are more complicated. We need to arrange staff to work overtime appropriately to complete the order for this waterproof bag.

At present, the delivery time is very tight, but the waterproof bag can still be completed on time if the preliminary preparations are done.

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