Water Tank Factory- Lohas Industrial Co., LTD

- Nov 22, 2019-

Over the years, lohas industrial co., LTD and worked with many foreign trade platform, some platforms are suitable for outdoor garden supplies, such as folding rain barrels, folding buckets, bath bags, waterproof bag, folding buckets, picnic bags, outdoor shower, shower tent, sleeping bags, blow-up lilo, picnic mat, camping tents, etc., made with alibaba, global sources and global market. The manager is the female manager. When I went to work, I did not know that she was still a novice in foreign trade at that time, and the process was not as familiar as mine. I can't speak English. But very good business, and outdoor goods trading company cooperation. The factory, the owner's own factory, is not in the same city as the office. Ordinary communication rely on telephone and QQ. Only visit the factory during holidays or when customers ask to see the factory. Fair, there are spring and autumn Canton fair, Hong Kong, Japan, dubai, the United States, Germany, Canada, Russia.

To sum up, there are many outdoor products in the same trade fair in recent years, but everyone thinks that there is a real need for outdoor products, such as rain buckets, rain collectors, water bags, bags for watering books, drip irrigation buckets, beach MATS, beach tents, camping backpacks and other products.

Have been to so many exhibitions, experience too long, feel too deep, want to tell too much, those joys and sorrows, those worldly wisdom, those endure and wait...... However, really serious want to say, the brain and a ball of paste, short circuit the same. Maybe it's been a long time. I thought I cared a lot about things and characters that were entangled and carefree at that time, but now I think I can let them go. It's all over.

Let's briefly talk about lohas industrial co., LTD., the factory is actually about 200 people, hangzhou office has two departments. Domestic sales department, foreign trade department. Domestic sales three people, the usual contact is not much. Because it's always out there. Ministry of foreign trade, about ten people.

Lohas industrial co., LTD. The factory to the production of outdoor equipment is pretty much, most guests like the rain collector, used to hold the big bucket drinking water, irrigation garden folding bucket, which can be used to hold water or pack your belongings of waterproof bag, travel bag, sports bag, camping tents, camping sleeping bags, beach bags, beach MATS, picnic bags, and so on.

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