Water Inflatable Cushion

- Sep 17, 2020-

Recently, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has developed a new product, which is water inflatable cushion.

This kind of water inflatable cushion is actually a sports mat, which can be used for sports on the water.

This kind of water sports mat is made of PVC, nylon, and a soft middle layer like a sponge. The advantage of this is that it allows people who exercise on the mat to have buffer time and avoid improper exercise. hurt.

The soft, comfortable and elastic water inflatable cushion is very useful for doing yoga on it. Many outdoor water enthusiasts will try to use this method of sports and entertainment to enhance their physical fitness.

At present, our company has promoted this water yoga mat as a new product. Moreover, three old customer companies have expressed their willingness to test a small number of cushions in the market.

One company ordered 300 cushions, one company ordered 500 inflatable cushions, and the last one ordered 500 water inflatable cushions.

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