Tree Watering Bags For Ant Forest Tree

- Oct 29, 2019-

In China, there is a game software called ant forest. Everyone can get the corresponding weight of energy by walking, exercising, taking the subway and other green travel ways every day.

Alipay's ant forest energy can not only allow people to record low carbon green footprints, but also form a green emission reduction activity to form a trading account for carbon assets. If conditions are ripe in the future, it may realize the sale and investment of carbon assets.

"Internet + green finance can stimulate everyone's energy." Jing Xiandong, President of ant financial, said that the green finance mode of ant financial is to drive innovation with science and technology, wake up everyone's awareness of emission reduction and environmental protection, actively respond to top-level design, and promote international experience exchange and capacity-building in the field of green finance.

In view of the operation of ant forest, our company will provide some trees above ant forest on a regular basis every year, trees planted in the desert, and some tree bags for watering and irrigating trees for free.

The use of this tree bag will enable real trees planted in the desert through this software game to improve the survival rate.

We will also popularize how to use the tree bags produced by our company, and then we will have new plans. Coming soon.

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