Tree Watering Bag Quantity

- Dec 23, 2019-

C sent an e-mail saying that another new product round gray tree watering bag, it was sent at the same time as the pre-production sample, saying that they would order 1000 PCS the tree watering bag each.

Previously, I quoted the price of 5000PCS this kind of tree gator watering bags. After communicating with the production department, they stated that the new tree watering bag is no problem and the new mold were opened. The quantity of 1,000 pieces tree bags would require an additional grinding tool fee.

When I gave feedback to C, I advised him to order at least 4,000 of tree watering bag for each model, and then I went to discuss with the leader, and the abrasive fee was waived for him. Then if it is not possible, the quantity of 1,000 tree watering bag is also acceptable, plus the abrasive fee, which will be reached later. 5,000 tree water bag for the return abrasive fee.

C said that he wanted to order only 4000 of them, and he would give me the exact information soon.

Then, I waited patiently for two days, Mu got his mail.

On the third day, C responded to the email, but the reply was not for this product. It was a product that had already placed a prepayment order.

He asked what is the maximum number of this new tree bag for plant we can produce before the end of the year?

When I saw this email, I was wondering if he wanted to enlarge the move and give me a big order.

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