Tree Watering Bag Package

- Aug 14, 2020-

Tree watering bag package

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has been shipping bags for watering trees for many years, and few people complained about quality problems.

However, a few days ago, we received an email from a British guest regarding the problem of tree bags.

He said that the tree bag has creases, which is not conducive to their market development.

Because of this tree bag, the packaging method he requested was folded, and then packed in PE bags, and then 20 plant water bags were packed in a cardboard box, and then shipped to the UK.

Because the plant irrigation water bags are folded and packaged, and after a month of shipping time, the batch garden irrigation water bags arrive in the hands of the guests, there must be a little crease.

Therefore, we thought of a way, very tactful. If the matter has been investigated clearly, explain why it happened, where the problem is, and measures have been taken to ensure that it will not happen next time. If the customer is responsible, point it out tactfully. If you don't say anything, it's too stupid. The customer thought it was the factory's fault, and the expectation of the claim was high. What you say can't be unreasonable and make customers unhappy. For example, it is the defect of the customer's design. Don't say "It is because your tree watering bag packing design is not feasible." It shows the feeling of shirking responsibility.

It can be said that "Our chief engineer’s told me, the tree bag package design is the major factor that cause this problem. We may need to optimize the design together for the future production." It shows the attitude of everyone working together.

After the email was explained, the customer expressed their understanding. In fact, this will not affect the sales of the 20-gallon tree bag. Later, we will design the packaging method together with us to solve the problem perfectly.

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