Tree Watering Bag Order Is Cancelled

- Apr 22, 2020-

The cost of air transportation recently is quite high.

Yesterday, a customer said that he would cancel the order for water bags for plant irrigation. The total number of tree watering bags is only 2100 pcs.

Coupled with the tight time, the guests said that these garden water bags will be arranged for air transportation.

Originally it was due to be shipped at the end of April. We contacted the freight forwarder and collected the basic data of these plastic bags for watering trees. A total of 70 cartons, with a gross weight of about 500 kg and a volume of about 2.8 cubic meters.

If these 2000 plant water bags are transported by air, due to the impact of the new type of coronary pneumonia, flights are rarely flying now, so the cost of air transport is very high.

The cost calculated by the freight forwarder is about 10,000 US dollars. The guest stated that he could not accept this fee and had to cancel the list.

At present, we are working hard to communicate with the guests to see what other methods can solve this problem.

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