Tree Watering Bag New Order Quanitity

- Dec 23, 2019-

Last news, we mentioned that client C order tree watering bag, but want to know the quanitty of the tree bag that we can produce before Chinese New Year.

Immediately, the production department contacted again. About half an hour later, colleague G who arranged the order time said that about 10,000 tree bags could be added. This is the largest number. The process of the tree bag itself is not complicated, but there are many procedures, not only hot pressing the machine, but also sewing the zipper or something.

I originally wanted to know the situation of the guests first, and asked him if he wanted to increase the number of tree bags. In the morning, he would send back the e-mails in the morning, and he would usually reply in a timely manner.

But he didn't reply that day. I waited until the afternoon and still didn't see C reply.


 So I directly responded to the number of 10,000 tree bags before work in the afternoon.

After eating dinner, I checked the wood and got a reply. After thinking about it, I went to the yoga studio to practice yoga.

When I got home after class, I opened the email and saw that C replied that he would order more 9,000 tree bags and be sure to ship on time.

Then I made him the new PI of the tree bag immediately and asked him to make an advance payment, and then he has been waiting for his news, hoping that the financial account will say that the payment will be received next week.

C often does this, and does not notify when payment is made. When the last prepayment was made, the bank account number was actually wrong.

Fortunately, our bank in China notified me and asked the guest to send a correction letter, otherwise he would not know that he had arranged the payment.

Hope everything goes well this time.

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