Tree Watering Bag New Design

- Apr 29, 2020-

Yesterday, the German guests placed an order for a plant irrigation water bag with more than 12,000 pcs. But this plant watering bag is a little different as before.

This watering bag for watering the tree is different from the original one in detail. Our original conventional tree bag only has zippers and color cards. The current plant irrigation bag is punched with two round holes on both sides of the zipper, and then fastened with a copper buckle.

Why do you need to make holes on both sides of the tree bag zipper? This hole is used to lock and prevent the tree bag from being stolen. With this hole, the tree bag is very safe after locking.

The other details of this tree bag order have not changed, the outer box, color cards, materials, etc. are the same as before. The delivery date is expected to be around early June.

Therefore, before the May Day, we must be prepared.

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