Tree Watering Bag Material

- Sep 10, 2020-

This morning, Lohas Industrial Company received an order for tree bags from a German customer.

The order for this tree bag is about 15,000 pieces, and the material of the bag for watering the tree is made of PE mesh.

A few years ago, the garden irrigation bag that this customer ordered from us was also this kind of vest-shaped tree bag, green, but the material was PVC mesh cloth.

The material weight of the PVC mesh cloth he requested is 650g/square. The plant irrigation water bag made of this material is different in quality than the ordinary 400g/square tree bag, because the material itself has better density, better firmness, and heavier weight, so this The 75L tree bag also has a longer service life, more durable, stronger, and heavier weight.

The weight of a tree bag of 75L is about 1kg. Therefore, our garden water bag usually only contains 20 tree bags in an outer box, and the carton is very strong because it has to bear the weight of an outer box of 30kg.

Therefore, in the transportation process, we also try our best to use the strongest outer box, and then a small number of bags for watering the trees are also transported to the hands of foreign guests through the container.

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