Tree Watering Bag Inspection Report

- Oct 28, 2020-

Tomorrow morning, 15,000 tree bags need to be shipped to Shanghai for customers.

These tree watering bag irrigation are made of PE mesh fabric, which is a recyclable material and is very popular with customers in Europe and the United States.

For this reason, we also specially made the REACH certificate for this slow release tree watering bag.

Generally, some customers need to arrange third-party inspection before delivery, while some customers do not.

Even if inspection is not required, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. will have its own quality inspectors to conduct quality inspections on each tree drip bag.

During the inspection process, a batch of tree bags for watering will be photographed, and then the process and results of the tree bag inspection will be sent to the guests in the form of inspection reports for their reference.

So this morning we need to sort out the inspection report of the tree bag for the guests. The content of the inspection report generally includes the following points:

1. The overall shape, size, size, color, material and appearance of the tree hydration bag.

2. The weight and water capacity of the tree bag irrigation after it is filled with water.

3. LOGO and color label of tree bag.

4. Packing of tree bag, outer box size, outer box mark.

5. Leakage of tree bags, etc.

In general, all tree bags themselves have been strictly reviewed during the production process, so the pass rate of inspection before shipment is 99%. Ensuring product quality has always been our pursuit and goal.

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