Tree Watering Bag From Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Apr 11, 2020-

There was an inquiry on the website two days ago. The guests are from Poland and need to purchase a plant irrigation water bag, 75L in size.

Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has recommended four garden tree bags of different materials. One is PVC mesh cloth, which is the most popular water bag for watering trees. The drip irrigation time is about 5-8 hours.

The other one is PE clip fabric with the same material as American treegator. It is a kind of recyclable material, which is loved by European and American customers.

The other is a round tree bag, brown, and the material is environmentally friendly PVC.

The Dutch customer asked for quotations for these different materials of tree watering bags, and then asked each product to send him samples.

Our company can send samples to him for free, and will also send him some additional disposable masks.

The tree bags for watering the plants are ready, and after they are packed, they are waiting to be sent out next Monday. Hope that guests can receive samples as soon as possible.

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