Tree Watering Bag Clients Story

- May 27, 2020-

Yesterday I received an email from a German guest on the website about the tree bag.

In fact, this customer had contacted him last year. At that time, he was very interested in the watering bags we produced.

 He not only asked about the various materials of the bush water bag, PVC, PE mesh cloth, PVC mesh cloth And also consulted the characteristics and advantages of these different materials of tree irrigation bags.

Moreover, the most critical point is, what is the drip irrigation time of each tree water bag. This automatic drip bag actually only needs to be irrigated once a day.

After the price has been quoted, the customer has not responded. Our business staff also called to follow up for a long time, and then the customers chose to place orders for tree bags from other factories.

Regrettably, we have not established a real business relationship with him.

But, yesterday, he contacted with us.

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