Tree Watering Bag

- Oct 12, 2019-

In the process of garden irrigation, we often use tree bags to irrigate young seedlings.

So how was the tree watering bag made successfully?

First of all, we should choose the material of tree bags.Now the most commonly used material of tree bags is PVC mesh cloth. But in recent years, many PE mesh cloth materials are popular with customers.

Secondly, when the material is purchased in place, it is necessary to cut the material and collect the cut pieces.

Thirdly, when the material of tree bags is ready, a high-frequency hot-pressing machine will be used. This machine can make the material of tree bags fuse together quickly under high temperature, and play a role of strengthening and waterproofing.

Later, it is necessary to install some accessories of tree bags, such as zippers on tree bags, sewing them up with sewing machines, and then sewing some tenders in the water intake of tree bags, which can print some information of tree bags, instructions for use, matters needing attention and so on.


Finally, the packaging of tree bags. Usually, there are PE bags and color boxes. Tree bags packed in color boxes are generally more attractive to guests in appearance. There are many descriptions and pictures of tree bags on the color boxes.

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