Tree Bag's New Market Development Plan

- Jul 24, 2020-

Tree bag's new market development plan

This month, Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has a further plan for the development of garden irrigation tree bags. The details are as follows:

Because this bag for watering trees is made of different materials, first of all, we have segmented the demand market for different materials.

European and American customers like TREEGATOR tree bags, which are made of PE mesh. We have been supplying such shrub water bags to Germany, the United States, Denmark and other countries.

Dubai is also one of our target markets. Due to the lack of water in this place in Dubai, some water-related products, such as drip irrigation bags, portable pressure bags, shower buckets, and foldable rainwater collection tanks, are very popular.

And Dubai is also a country with very good economic strength. Our company once went to Dubai to participate in an exhibition, and during the exhibition, guests negotiated an order for a 20-foot container of rainwater collection box. This customer also orders this large-volume rain bucket every year.

Therefore, we will not miss the Dubai market.

 In the eyes of Dubai guests, product packaging must be very delicate. They usually also give new instructions on the packaging and then print them in Arabic. Therefore, in terms of packaging, in order to cater to the Dubai market, we will deliberately study the preferences of the locals in Dubai and find a suitable packaging for them.

Every year, we will conduct interviews with old customers in Dubai and get their feedback on rainwater collectors and tree bags. Then the products were modified in a targeted manner, so as to seize the customers' orders.

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