Tree Bag Delivery Time

- Dec 13, 2019-

Yesterday, I opened the email and found that the customer who placed a mixed order last year asked for 2000pcs of tree bags, green ones, 20 gallons, and the price was almost the cost price for him last year. It would be a loss if the handling fee was not added and the freight forwarder's cost was added. The point is that transportation costs are high.

I have concluded an experience that if the price is too low for the customer, there will be no profit in the second and third year, and we can only do our best to maintain the customer. This is the case for the customer who wants the tree bag. Let him increase the quantity to 500 PCS and cut the handling fee by half. Today the customer replied that he would accept 3,000 PCS of tree bags.

The order of tree bags is down, but the Chinese New Year is very early this year, so I guess we can't deliver the goods before the Spring Festival. At most, we can only arrange the materials of tree bags, the zippers of tree bags' accessories, and the packaging cartons of tree bags, and then deliver the goods after the Spring Festival.

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