Tips For Sleeping Soundly In Your Sleeping Bag

- Apr 23, 2019-

1, cold from the feet, you can use their own down jacket after pulling up and practicing, let the feet from the waist of the clothes up, and then into the sleeping bag, can ensure the warmth of the feet, sleep until dawn, even often have heat up!

2, find an aluminum kettle, another set of elastic kettle, burn a pot of boiling water before going to bed, put a sleeping bag before going to bed, the next morning there is warm water to drink!

3. Take off unnecessary clothes, circle them into a stick shape, and place them on one side of your body. Increase the thickness of your sleeping bag and tent to reduce temperature loss.

4, find a warm hat, it is best to grasp the material, with can let protect the head from cold, will not catch a cold.

Issues to pay attention to in the maintenance of sleeping bags:

1) after the use of the best in the sun before collection.

2) usually do not have to do not install in the compression bag, the best is hanging in the wardrobe, but also need to be timed to bask in a sun, sterilization, use the time and then into the compression bag.

3) you can buy a sleeping bag liner or make your own, and use it to cover the inside of the sleeping bag. It is not easy to dirty the sleeping bag.

4) about the cleaning of the cotton sleeping bag: turn the inside material of the sleeping bag to the outside and paste the magic button, so as to avoid hanging the wool of the sleeping bag fabric. It is ok to use neutral detergent. Finally, rinse it with water and rinse it several times. Don't wash your sleeping bag often, just hang it in the sun after going out.

5) down sleeping bags cannot be dry-cleaned, which will damage the warmth of down. Down sleeping bags are recommended to use a sleeping bag liner to reduce the number of washes. If dirty, can use special cleaner to treat dirty part.

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