There Are Two Main Types Of Packing For Sleeping Bags

- Apr 14, 2019-

Most sleeping bags on the market today have a comfort temperature and limit temperature label. Comfort temperature is a range of temperatures that the user sleeps through the night, with highs and lows. The maximum comfortable temperature is the heat that is felt in the sleeping bag but not the heat that causes a lot of sweat.

There are two main types of packing, down and synthetic cotton, and a single fleece bag.

Down: it is divided into duck down and goose down. Under the same conditions, goose down is slightly warmer than duck down. There are three main performance indicators for down. The first is the filling weight. For example, 400g goose down and 1100g duck down. The second index is the content of down. Down is composed of feather and down. Feather has supporting function, and the warmth mainly comes from fine down. Velvet content is expressed as a percentage. For example, 80 fleece means 80 fleece per 100 weight units. Duck down generally has a high velvet content of 85 to 90, while goose down has a velvet content of 90 to 95. The third indicator is feather inflation, which refers to how many cubic inches an ounce of feather has under pressure of 68.4 grams. The higher the feather inflation, the better the insulation performance of the feather. Generally, the expansion degree of domestic duck down is around 450, while that of domestic goose down ranges from 450 to 600. The Andean goose feather imported from the United States has a velvet content of about 95 and a high inflation degree of 700 to 800.

The market sometimes finds particularly cheap down products, such as down jackets costing 100 yuan each and down sleeping bags costing 150 yuan each, which are generally not available. That's because down has two other things you can't test on the spot: oxygen consumption and cleanliness. Down needs to go through a number of professional cleaning procedures to remove fat, some small vendors put the primary down slightly after cleaning it into finished products, these products simply can not be used, simple identification method is to use sticks knock finished products, there will be dust leakage, smell will have a peculiar smell, if the cleaning, water has a foul smell. Down itself is a high quality product, we hope you buy really good products.

Chemical fiber cotton: there are many kinds, and the quality varies. Ordinary spraying collodion, seven to four holes cotton, cotton (porous cotton market seven holes nine holes cotton concept: country there is no standard about the long-short pillow, is no specific requirements on porous fiber content, the so-called "hole" the number, but no, the pillow "quoted China authority yizheng chemical fiber industry, advanced technology of yizheng chemical factory production just a hole of the hollow fiber, there is no bore seven or nine fiber, the market most of the above seven or nine holes are hollow cotton fiber.) , 3M Thinsulate cotton, POLARGUARD 3D/HV cotton, etc. The difference between polarguard 3d and polarguard HV is that the former has better compressibility, while the latter keeps warm better. 3d generally reaches -5~-15℃, while HV can reach -15~-25℃. However, they have one advantage that down does not have. That is, they can retain some of their warmth after they are wet. The filling density is expressed in grams per meter square, such as 260 grams per meter square and 320 grams per meter square. Compared with down and chemical fiber and cotton, down has a higher degree of thermal insulation, and the weight can be light at the same degree of thermal insulation. The thermal insulation degree of chemical fiber cotton is relatively low, the packaging volume is large, the compressibility is poor; Down is expensive, chemical fiber and cotton is cheap; Down moisture will lose almost all the ability to keep warm, and is not easy to dry, so under harsh mountaineering environment often use waterproof and breathable material as the outer material of down sleeping bag, chemical fiber cotton has a certain water-repellent performance, keep a certain heat preservation performance after wet, and dry quickly; Down products have a long life, lasting more than 10 years in good maintenance, while synthetic cotton sleeping bags last only 3 or 4 years.

Fleece: a sleeping bag sewn with fleece for use as a summer or sanitary sleeping bag. It can also be used in conjunction with other sleeping bags in winter to enhance warmth. According to the time experience, a 3 degree sleeping bag, plus fleece sleeping bag warm effect can reach about -10℃.

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