The Most Worthwhile Artifact To Buy Part 2: Tents In The Sky Fearing Neither Wind Nor Rain

- Sep 15, 2019-

What are you doing outdoors? Blow the wind and sun to see the scenery. Let's start with a joke. I went on a business trip to see a friend from other places. He asked me very seriously. When I read the news, Beijing was too foggy to live. Then I looked at your circle of friends. They were all blue sky, white clouds, green waters and green mountains. I laughed and said that when I was hungry, my heart was torn and my lungs were torn. When I was full, I laughed heartlessly and heartlessly. Only then could such a child be painful.

In fact, like Beijing, about half a year, it is still very good for outdoor activities. If we don't go out and enjoy nature's gifts during this period of time, then there really is no hope for this day. Some people don't want to come out. I guess it's probably because the house costs 100,000 yuan and one square meter. It's only because it's nested in every day that they feel they have enough money to live in.

Turn right, let's talk about my outdoor artifact. Thank you for your support. My first artifact has attracted wide attention. Tuhao friends rewarded a lot of gold coins. It is said that they are worth more than ten yuan. Gold price is not good. Haha.

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