The Function And Use Method Of Each Assembly Component Of Outdoor Camping Tent

- Sep 15, 2019-

Most friends who like camping are not professionals. Whether you're worrying about something every time you go camping. For example, there is always dew inside my tent, sometimes the bedding is wet, some tents always feel not warm, the sound of the tent is too loud to sleep, and so on. In fact, many of them are due to the incorrect use of camping assembly numbers. Now I will explain the role of the camping tent assembly components and the correct use of methods.

First of all, a complete set of camping tent equipment should include the following: double-deck tent (wind rope, ground hook), mat, damp-proof mat, inflatable mat, sleeping bag, lighting (tent lamp, flashlight), Engineer shovel. Secondly, the sequence of equipment use from bottom to top is floor mat, tent, moisture-proof mat, inflatable mat, sleeping bag, tent lamp. The ground is outside the tent, and the rest is inside the tent.

Moisture-proof cushion: The main function is to isolate water vapor and temperature.

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