The Feature Of TPU Self Inflating Sleeping Pad?

- Mar 30, 2021-

What are the advantages of TPU self inflating sleeping pad?

Compared with traditional PVC lightweight air mattress, modern people prefer TPU material sleeping mat for floor. Why is this?

Let's explore together.

TPU is the abbreviation of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, which is an environmentally friendly material with excellent performance. Using TPU as a material for folding sleeping mat couldn't be better. Through the test, we can know that: TPU has 3 million times of resistance to flexing without breaking, and its wear resistance is 3-5 times that of natural rubber. There is no problem in using TPU self-filling pads at -30°C and low temperature resistance. This kind of super low temperature resistance is beyond the reach of PVC.

And TPU has more biocompatibility such as anti-mildew, antibacterial, non-toxic and non-allergic. Therefore, the TPU fully laminated 2 person sleeping pad produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. has unparalleled superior performance.

These excellent properties of TPU are reflected in the use of puncture proof camping air mattress, which are manifested as self-filling pads have lighter weight, better anti-wrinkle, and actively improve the resilience of sponges, and camping mattress for bad back are still available even in winter. Can maintain super soft feel.

This is an important guarantee for your safety and comfort. However, the PVC full-fitcamping air mattress is hard and brittle after curing due to process reasons, and its durability and comfort in winter are relatively poor.

Inflatable Camping Mat   waterproof

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