The Classification Of Camping Tents

- Mar 07, 2020-

Camp tents are popular outdoor activity tents. Camping has become a leisure and fashion activity, which is more and more popular and sought after by young people. In summer, setting up a tent by the sea or in the mountains, blowing the sea breeze, talking with friends, grilling together, and drinking wine, is also a kind of happiness and romance.

Below we will describe the classification of camping tents in detail


Camping tents are mainly triangular (also called herringbone), dome (also called yurt), and house (also called family). The structure is divided into single-layer structure, double-layer structure and composite structure, and it is divided into two-person type, three-person type and multi-person type in terms of space size. Most of the triangular camping tents have a double-layer structure, which is relatively complicated to support, and has good wind resistance, warmth resistance, and rain resistance properties, which are suitable for mountaineering adventures. The dome-shaped camping tent is simple to set up, easy to carry, and lightweight, and is suitable for general leisure travel.

In terms of categories, camping tents mainly include: bracket camping tents (also known as general tourist tents), military inflatable tourist tents (inflatable frame camping tents), compared with general bracket tents, they are lighter and faster to set up, and their products have stability High performance, strong shear shunt wind, no rainwater, small volume after folding, convenient and easy to carry. And has the characteristics of high strength, good stability, small volume after folding, easy to carry and so on.

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