The Best Thermal Camping Mat In The World

- Mar 29, 2021-

The best self-inflatable mat in the world

Whether you like car canoeing, hiking, biking or canoe camping, there is always an inflatable cushion that can fully meet your needs. In the spirit of perfection, Lohas Industry Co., Ltd. constantly improves the design, materials and production tools and machines. The Lohas series researched and developed is the thickest and most comfortable air cushion that can be bought.

The secret weapon for the comfort of the LOHAS series is the use of thick hollow cotton. It is the unique horizontal pores of this flexible open honeycomb sponge that make your body particularly comfortable, and also make the outdoor camping mat series thick and light. In addition to providing maximum comfort, hollow cotton can quickly inflate and store gas for insulation.

The outdoor self-filling pad fabric produced by Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. adopts dark blue four-dimensional woven polyester fiber non-slip fabric. Through the unique development of the medical products department, this face cloth can adapt to pressure and make the sleeping bag not easy to slide on the sleeping pad. The base cloth of the portable since the pad is made of abrasion-resistant brown nylon oxford cloth, which is resistant to dirt, moisture and abrasion.

This outdoor camping mat is ideal for car campers and rafting travelers. Even strong backpackers who want to have a comfortable sleep will be happy to take it. At the same time, he is also an ideal home spare bed.

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