Team Building Of Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Aug 10, 2020-

Yesterday, the foreign trade sales department of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. held a team building together.

In the critical process, first of all, everyone had an outdoor product knowledge contest. That is, the assessment of the basic information parameters of all our outdoor products.

For example, how is a foldable rain bucket made? What are the materials of the outdoor shower room? What is the style of outdoor folding chairs? What is the main market for inflatable cushions? How to make the design of waterproof bag novel?

Around the themes of some product information, everyone had a heated discussion and summary, so that everyone can be more fully familiar with the product.

The second activity is physical competition, running competition, relay race, play basketball, and one-legged bullfight. Many friends are very interested in this. Especially male colleagues, all of them worked hard. There are also female colleagues who do not show weakness, and are just female heroes.

Colleagues who win this physical competition will receive prizes. In addition to the 1,000 yuan red envelope, the prize also includes a camping tent.

This team building activity ended smoothly.

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