Take Waterproof Bags To Visit Xixi Wetland

- Jun 08, 2020-

Last weekend, LOHAS Industrial Co., Ltd. organized employees to visit Xixi Wetland.

At about 8 o'clock in the morning, my colleagues were ready to go. We also brought waterproof bags, picnic mats, picnic bags and quick-open tents.

At nine o'clock, when reaching the destination, a pair of green grass and the idyllic scenery of the rippling blue waters came into view.

Because Xixi Wetland is a classic of water, we go in by boat.

Everyone protects their valuables, such as mobile phones, wallets, and cameras, in waterproof bags. 90L waterproof bags can also hold folded picnic mats and tents. In this way, it is convenient to carry.

As we were on the boat, there was drizzle in the sky. Fortunately, the rain is small, the feeling of rowing in the rain is very beautiful, quiet around, you can hear the insects singing birds, and the sound of the water in the oars rowing, reaching out can feel the coolness and smoothness of the water.

At the same time, in order to test the foldable waterproof bag, we took the waterproof travel bag with items and placed it on the water to let everyone realize the waterproof degree of the waterproof bag.

After about 20 minutes by boat, we reached the center of the wetland.

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