Spring Tour From Lohas Industrial Co Ltd

- Mar 21, 2020-

Spring is here. Today, 5 employees of Lohas Industrial Co., Ltd. took our company's outdoor tents, hammocks, fishing tents, fishing buckets, picnic mats, and picnic bags to the lakeside spring tour.

I am one of the employees. When we arrived at Xianghu, we cooperated with each other. We found a flat field of grass.

I lay the picnic mat on the grass. This picnic mat is waterproof and measures 2x2m. It can be used by 5 of us at the same time.

Andrew is another employee. He is responsible for setting up the camping tent. The building speed is fast, the pole is supported, and it takes 3 minutes.

Then the fishing tent was quickly opened, and threw it directly into the air to open it.

After taking out the fishing bucket, everyone started fishing. After two hours, we all caught 10 fish. But in the end, I put these fish back into Xianghu again.

At about twelve o'clock, we started to have lunch.

Then take out our prepared food from the picnic bag. The picnic bag is compartmentalized. It contains 5 bottles of milk, 5 apples, 5 breads, and a bunch of other snacks. The main thing is that we brought 5 steaks cooked in advance. There are tableware for 5 of us.

Spring is beautiful, with warm spring flowers and beautiful scenery, suitable for outdoor tourism. Next time we are going to play elsewhere. Everyone had a great day.

camping tent

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