Slow Release Watering Bag

- Oct 18, 2019-

slow release watering bag is very popular these years, lots of clients order this tree bags from us and give us very good review.

Below are some good reviews from clients:

These are absolutely necessary when you spend a lot of money on a new tree and need to make sure it is thriving! It takes a long time to water the tree, and in the heat I suspect it evaporates too quickly to do the tree any good. These bags take a while to fill, but once they do, I'm sure the water will go deep into the soil in a few hours. I am now using 2 bags compressed together, which is a bit tricky to fill with bags and a proper center around the trunk; Be sure to stop about a third of the way down and lift the bag back into place, making sure the bottom of the bag is fully open.

That seems a bit pricey, but I've bought fake sprinklers before, and thin plastic bags that burst in less than a month. My treegator has been trouble-free for several consecutive seasons!

We bought 500 pcs of these trees in October 2014, and we still have them around. Only one of them had a hole in the bottom, but that was recent. We love these treegators. They survived the heat. But I take them off in the winter. They are durable and strong. I think it's a good deal that will last for many years. Buy it in winter.

 I have not received any discount or free of charge for this product. My comments are my own.

It's recommended by the tree company. Easy to use, doesn't waste water, and is easier to maintain a proper watering schedule.

These are great! ! They did help me water my little trees. They finally grew up. Highly recommended!

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