Sleeping Bag To Share With You Camping Sleeping Bag How To Choose

- Jun 03, 2019-

For the purchase we know well, we must first buy the right one according to our own conditions. The same is true for our camping sleeping bags. What should we pay attention to when purchasing camping sleeping bags?

1. Choose a sleeping bag according to your body: too small sleeping bag will be too tight, can not turn, uncomfortable; too large sleeping bag inside is empty, it will affect the warmth.

2, pay attention to the temperature scale of the sleeping bag:

All along, the most important data for the selection of sleeping bags is the temperature scale. The temperature scale is divided into three data: the limit temperature scale (ie the lowest temperature scale, using the blue temperature bar), the comfort temperature scale (this temperature scale is also divided into two high and low temperature scales, using blue to orange temperature bars), the highest temperature mark ( Use a red temperature bar). It should be noted that the temperature scale is only a relative concept. There are no industry associations for sleeping bag products, no industry standards, no domestic, no foreign countries. Some large brands and research institutes calibrate their products according to laboratory tests and field experience. . This temperature is only for reference, and it varies from person to person and from environment to environment. Generally speaking, the temperature scale given by the manufacturer is measured by a person with better physical fitness in an ideal environment. It should be noted when purchasing the purchase, and should be conservative. The temperature scale of a sleeping bag generally has three divisions:

a, mark two temperatures, usually, the ultimate temperature scale and the highest temperature mark (or limit temperature scale and comfort temperature scale) of the sleeping bag. The highest temperature standard generally means that it will be too hot for normal use at this temperature.

b. Mark three temperatures, namely the limit temperature scale, the comfort temperature scale and the highest temperature mark.

c. Only one temperature is marked. Usually, this temperature scale is the limit temperature scale of the sleeping bag. If it is used below this temperature, danger may occur, and the actual comfort temperature of this sleeping bag varies from person to person.

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