Sleeping Bag Shopping Knowledge

- Jun 18, 2019-

1. Shape

According to the shape classification, it can be divided into rectangles and human figures (also known as mummies); the interior of the rectangle is more spacious, and there is no sense of restraint when used. At the same time, it can be opened as a quilt cover, but it is more sunken than a human-shaped sleeping bag; the human shape is warmer. Sleeping bags with double compartments provide better warmth.

2. Material

According to the material, it can be divided into down, feather, man-made fiber and artificial feather. Down feathers and feathers are good in warmth, artificial feather products are made of hollow cotton for warmth, and man-made fibers are better made of acrylic cotton yarn.

3. Touch

The feather sleeping bag is touched by the hand; the feather stem should be thin and soft, and the bigger the spread, the better, and the smaller the better. The down sleeping bag has no stalks, is softer and has a higher bulkiness. The fluffiness of goose down is higher than that of duck down. As for the difference in color (for example, white duck down, gray goose down, etc.), the craftsmanship in the down processing stage is different. The warmth has nothing to do with the color. Several important reference indicators for purchasing down sleeping bags: the type of cashmere (duck or goose down), the amount of cashmere (unit: gram), the amount of cashmere, the bulkiness, the temperature index (limit high temperature, comfortable temperature, extreme low temperature). There are many down sleeping bag manufacturers and brands on the market, which makes the newcomers dazzled. Newcomers tend to value the most cost-effective, but in the purchase of sleeping bags is very wrong, many businesses have seized the new consumer's psychology, launched a very low price but marked with a high volume of down sleeping bags, and some down is The feathers are broken into velvet to pretend to be down. Some unscrupulous merchants use chemical means to wash the worst inferior feathers into white velvet, which will give off an unpleasant smell when wet. Some low-quality sleeping bags have serious problems with downholes, and they wake up with feathers. There are many small workshops in Hebei that produce down products to make sleeping bags. Many fake and down sleeping bags are produced here. In addition, the temperature scale values of many domestic sleeping bags are relatively empty, so try to refer to the temperature scale value of foreign sleeping bags. Try to buy a sleeping bag from a big foreign brand, or a sleeping bag from a well-known outdoor brand in China.

4. Artificial VS natural material

The difference between down sleeping bags and artificial hollow fiber sleeping bags lies in

a. Down and under the same warmth, its compressible carrying volume is smaller.

b. The artificial hollow fiber sleeping bag is not wet after being accidentally wetted, which is unmatched by the natural down sleeping bag.

5. Season and use

Sleeping bag purchase should pay attention to what kind of outdoor activities are used, and which season; the surface layer cloth and the inner layer cloth use different materials. It is necessary to know more about the product descriptions in order to make a comprehensive judgment.

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